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Our marketing consultants help  organizations understand their market, so organizations are able to implement an effective strategic marketing plan that increases their profitability or funding. The focus of our consultants our low cost and low risk with maximum outcomes. We help organizations make innovative marketing strategies that our sustainable for at least one year. Our marketing consultants services include: social media, digital, campaigns, research, events, conferences, and numerous other marketing services.

Community/Event Planning and Resources

Our community/event planning and resources consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your doorstep to help you choose the resources that best supports your organization’s vision

and mission.  WJRJ Industries communityevent planning and resources division provides leadership, technical assistance, training, and consultation to the following: Direct Service Provide, Educators, Law Enforcement, Other professionals providing crime victim services. WJRJ Industries will focus on guiding providers in developing the competencies need to

implement trauma informed, person centered practices aligned with the agencies identified


Community Resources
Graphic Design

Our graphic design consultants are changing things in the world of

graphic design.

We strive to provide non-profits and small businesses with 

high quality, stylish, fun,

and affordable graphic design assistance.

 Don't rush and just throw a website together. Every company deserves a memorable website that excites customers about your product. Our graphic design consultants  can design websites, logos, brochures, etc. Click link below to get a quote.

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